Hosting on railway (free)

Setting up project

First, you are going to need to click the button at the top of the page that says "Deploy on railway". Once you click it you should be on a page that looks like this
From here you can edit the fields, once you are done click the deploy button at the bottom

Getting our URL

Once we deploy we should be on a page that looks like this
Now you are going to wait for it to say success like this
at the top
Once it says that you are going to open the first URL under Success

Tovy setup

After you open your URL you should see a page like this:
There you are going to enter your Roblox username and the password that you want to set for your account.
Once you click next you should see a screen like this:
For the Group ID field we want to enter the ID of our group - If my group URL was!/about my Group ID would be 1207931.
Once we click next it should load and then we will be greeted with a page that looks like this:
Congrats! You can read more of our guides to learn more about how to use Tovy.